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Core Management Team



Director & CEO

Former deputy general manager of Taian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a well-known venture capital fund manager, with keen insight in innovative technology, investment involving new drugs, pharmaceutical preparations, biosimilar drugs, API manufacturing, medical equipment, and nerves In the field of diseases such as degeneration, diabetes, tumor, precision medicine, inflammation and infection. Leading the financing, partnership, scale development and company transformation of the invested company with professional strategic planning.

Responsible for business management strategy planning, innovative technology development, organizational structure planning and design, overall planning and handling of external business development and processing.



​Finance Manager

Former audit and assurance manager of Ernst & Young Taiwan, specialized in audit of companies under the Sabine Act in the United States, counseling and review of the initial public offering application in Taiwan, corporate internal control consulting and audit ,  tax planning and financial statements analysis and verification.


Responsible for overall company accounting, financial management, cost management, budget preparation and control, establish and improve the company’s internal control, enforce compliance with laws and policies of the authority, and participate in the planning of company investment and business activities.

Scientific Advisory Committee

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